Best Student Posters for Dillon, Angela and Mehdi

Congratulations to our researchers Dr Dillon Jaglal, Angela Simonovska, and Dr Mehdi Ghazavi Dozein who received the Best Student Poster Awards at the Energy Networks Conference + Exhibition 2022 (EN2022)!

Dr Dillon Jaglal, now of our Research Fellows, was awarded the First Prize of the Student Poster Awards with the poster "Unlocking Frequency Response Potential from Residential Batteries Using Active Droops" part of his PhD studies supervised by Prof Nando Ochoa.

Miss Angela Simonovska, one of our PhD Students, and Dr Mehdi Mehdi Ghazavi Dozein, now an Associate Lecturer at the Department, were awarded the Finalist Prizes. Their posters were titled "Phase Grouping of Residential Customers Using Smart Meter Data" and "Fast Frequency Response Capabilities of Utility-scale Hydrogen Electrolyser: Benefits and Challenges in the Context of Australian NEM Grid with High Share of Renewable Generation" and were part of their MPhil and PhD studies, respectively. Angela was supervised by Prof Nando Ochoa and Mehdi by Prof Pierluigi Mancarella.

The Energy Conference and Exhibition is hosted by Energy Networks Australia. It runs every few years, bringing together the best in our industry to share expertise on how we navigate the energy transformation.

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