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A Black Swan Event is making us focus on “Innovation that Matters”

Webinar video

As the world move through COVID19 pandemic, health concerns, financial disruption, and the breakdowns of supply chains have had a very adverse impact on our society.

This is a major disruption. However, during this period of change there will be both winners and losers. On one side of the digital divide, Zoom video usage has jumped from 20M/day to 300M /day in one quarter, while airline travel has travel has dropped by 96%. Everyone including businesses, organisations, and investors is trying to navigate the changes that are now occurring. Even the nature of innovation and R&D functions has also started change. In this talk, we will cover:

  • The roadmap that we see ahead, including the landscape of winners and losers
  • Practical tactics and strategies to for businesses and organisations to adapt and then position for greater success in future
  • How to lead innovation in this time period for greater impact
  • The mindsets and behaviours that will define the future of consumer demand
  • The role of technology in this transformation
Innovation that Matters