Business Specialisation

Study tailored business subjects developed in partnership with the Melbourne Business School, covering how economics, marketing and finance relate to engineering.

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Specialisation Structure

The following table lists the subjects required to achieve the Business Specialisation of the Master of Electrical Engineering degree. The table shows the suggested order of taking the subjects, with start and mid-year entry possible. Based on your bachelor's degree, you may be awarded advanced standing for the subjects grouped under Year 1, or part thereof.

Year 1
Intro to Numerical Computation in CFoundations of Electrical Networks Digital SystemsEngineering Mathematics
Electrical Network Analysis and DesignElectrical Device ModellingSignals and SystemsElectronic System Implementation
Year 2
Probability and Random ModelsSignal ProcessingIntroduction to Power EngineeringControl Systems
Electronic Circuit DesignCommunication SystemsEmbedded System DesignProfessional Skills Selective
Year 3
Engineering Capstone Project (Part 1)Business SelectiveBusiness SelectiveElective
Engineering Capstone Project (Part 2)Business SelectiveBusiness SelectiveElective

The program shown in the table above is built up of the following parts:

  • Nine foundational subjects that are core to all specialisations of the degree. The foundational subjects are the eight subjects indicated in Year 1 of the table plus the Embedded Systems Design subject, which together provide you with a solid foundation from which to specialise.
  • Six core electrical engineering subjects in Year 2 that provide you with in-depth knowledge for the core areas of the discipline. These subject build upon the foundations of electrical engineering.
  • Four business selective subjects that complement your electrical engineering skills with the business expertise required to bring engineering projects to fruition through purposeful management, marketing, economic analysis, and strategic execution, described in more detail below.
  • An individualised capstone project that is an outlet for all the expertise you have developed, described in more detail below.
  • A selective subject that focuses on professional skills development, described in more detail below.
  • Two elective subjects to explore your interests and develop expertise across any of our electrical engineering specialisation areas.

Business Selectives

You complete four our of the following five business selectives:

The topics covered in these subjects are synchronised to develop your business expertise. <Blurb required>


Core to all specialisations is the year-long capstone project that is completed in teams of 3 or 4. Through the capstone project you and your team develop solutions to an unsolved problem. The project is tailored to your interests, ranging from: research and development projects proposed by our world-class academics; to multi-team projects that partake in international and local competitions; to innovative projects proposed by you. See the handbook entry for further details.

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Professional Skills

To develop and strengthen the skills necessary to operate as a professional engineer upon graduation, you take one of the following subjects.

Sample Course Plan

See the sample course plans on the University of Melbourne Study page for more details.

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