Directed Studies Summer 2023

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) is running a summer research program in January-February 2023 for students potentially interested in doing a PhD.

You can formally enrol in a Directed Studies (ELEN90011) subject and get credit (12.5pt). Moreover, there is a limited number of EEE studentships valued at $4000 per student that you can apply for.

The application process closes on the 20 October 2022, midnight. We expect to contact you about the outcome in early November.

The applications should be submitted via the google form

Your application should contain:

1. Your name, contact details and one paragraph description about your plans for doing a PhD (e.g. research area, description of your motivation, potential topic and the nominal starting date).

2. A ranked list of all Directed Studies research topics that you are interested in (the first is the most preferred and the last is the least preferred). You should only consider topics in the provided list:  EEE directed studies 2023 topic list

3. An up-to-date list of your subject marks and WAM from your University of Melbourne Master degree.

4. An email from the relevant academic(s) stating they are happy to supervise you. This should be done for every topic in your list in item 2 above.

Eligibility & selection criteria:

  1. Only students with WAM above 80 are eligible.
  2. Only students currently enrolled in a Master Degree at the University of Melbourne are eligible.
  3. Note that there is a limit of one student per academic and so we ask that you provide a ranked list of all projects that you are interested in. As this is a competitive process, you may not be able to get your first preference. Students with the highest WAM will be given preference.
  4. A student can only be awarded one EEE studentship during their Master Degree.
  5. Students in the final semester of their study will be given a preference.

Questions regarding the process should be directed to