Communication and radar systems

Building on the ultrabroadband capabilities of wireless and optical communications and technologies, our researchers are tackling the challenges of pushing the limits of future wireless and optical communications as well as advanced radar systems. We seek to solve the challenges of high capacity backbones of Internet, addressing the last mile broadband access and multi-functional radar systems.


  • Fibre based optical communication
  • Optical, millimetre-wave and microwave based free space communication
  • Multifunction antenna studies
  • Chip-based radar

Research projects

Optical communication

Our pioneering research uses wavelength, frequency, polarisation and mode multiplexed systems to expand the capacity of different types of communication applications. This ranges from access networks, multi-terabit/second long-haul networks, indoor optical wireless networks to optical transport of 5G networks.

Research leads:

Antenna arrays

We are developing new tools for wideband electromagnetic sensing with a particular focus on multi-function radar.

Research lead: