Project EDGE


Project EDGE is a world-first project that brings together the spectrum of relevant stakeholders across the electricity value chain: customers, DER owners, aggregators, distributors, the system/market operator and researchers. Several innovations will be demonstrated through trials that will test these operating envelopes and the trading of local services. This is crucial to understand the complexity, interactions and challenges that distribution companies will face globally as they accommodate the widespread adoption of DER. Project EDGE will also inform ongoing efforts on future electricity market design, particularly so-called two-sided markets.

A key advantage of using operating envelopes is that it allows distribution companies to ensure network integrity without having direct control of the DER or the aggregator. This makes better use of existing infrastructure and increases the efficiency of the overall electricity value chain. Ultimately therefore, it should help to reduce electricity costs for consumers, particularly as we integrate more DER.

Project EDGE was recently awarded funding by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), and is a partnership between AusNet Services, Mondo, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and the University of Melbourne. We lead the development of the algorithms for the operating envelopes and the service co-optimisation.


Example diagram from webinar
View Webinar: IEEE Smart Grid Webinar: DER and Network Integrity: Meter-Level Operating Envelopes

Further information

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