Ongoing Projects

We work collaboratively with industry, international institutions and research laboratories to create value-driven and impactful solutions to their real-world challenges. Here are some of our projects listed by the start year. Many of them are still ongoing.

Case studies

Digital Falcon

Through this collaboration we will develop an innovative sensor technology to help local Australian industries compete with expensive existing multi-spectral imaging solutions. This will help to increase productivity in precision agriculture, remote sensing and environment monitoring.

Research leads:

Eirene Holdings

We partnered with the Eirene Holdings in the development of video transmission system using millimetre-wave frequencies. Outcomes from this project have led to the spin-off of Eirene Holdings – Insta-Wireless which now develops advanced transmission systems for high capacity communication systems for enterprise networking and private internet applications for Industry 4.0 applications.

Research leads:

Google Australia

We worked with Google Australia on interdisciplinary approaches to design and development of student-centred and teacher-led internet of things-based solutions to improve STEM education in secondary schools. This was implemented in partnership with educational experts and secondary schools.

Research lead:

Nokia Networks

This projected involved investigation of energy efficiency of 5G communication networks and protocols and development of ITU standard towards computation of service level energy consumption of Internet and Telecom services.

Research leads:


Our research has yielded novel technologies leading to number of start-up companies:


This involved the development of on system-on-chips for 60 GHz wireless personal area networking developed through a research program funded by the National ICT Australia, later acquired by AMD Corporation and now part of the AMD Wireless.

Key contact: Prof Stan Skafidas

MX3 Diagnostics Inc.

This consisted of the development of lab-on-chip solutions for transforming how individuals manage their health and well-being by providing every person, everywhere in the world, with access to low cost effective and easy to use lab quality diagnostics.

Key contact: Prof Stan Skafidas


This involved the development advanced sensors for providing growers actionable crop analytics and insights to help them make timely and best decision of resources (water, fertilisers, pesticide) management and eventually enhance quality and quantity of produce.

Key contact: Dr Ranjith Unnithan