EV Integration Project: Final Webinar (30th Sep)

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EV Integration Recommendations and Project Summary -  EV Integration Project

This sixth and final (free) webinar will present a series of recommendations for the integration of EVs considering the current Australian and International trends for EV integration. The webinar will also present a high-level overview and summary of the project.

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The adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) poses technical and economic challenges for our power grid. Electricity distribution networks were not designed with a high penetration of electric vehicles in mind. Charging EVs at home can significantly increase our normal demand, affecting the poles and wires.

The integration of mass EV adoption into existing power systems is a complex but important task. Non-residential charging is an important factor in the wider view of EV integration. Furthermore, the power system is much more than a set of poles and wires, and as such a wider perspective will be required for the successful integration of EVs. Nevertheless, a large majority of charging is predicted to take place at home. If EV integration is not implemented in an efficient manner that efficiently utilises existing network assets, it could lead to large-scale network reinforcement and potentially significant electricity bill increases.

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This webinar is part of the 2-year collaborative project on EV integration into the electricity grid between Energy Networks Australia (ENA), the Australian Power Institute (API), the Centre for New Energy Technologies (C4NET), and The University of Melbourne, as part of the ENA and API's Australian Strategic Technology Program (ASTP).

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